Mission Statement

Blue Sky Insurance Agency, Inc. is a full service insurance agency dedicated to providing the best overall service to our clients. We write all lines of insurance in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive and complete insurance package. Although the agency began specializing in commercial insurance, we have substantially increased our personal lines book of business over the past 10 years. This increase directly relates to our marketing effort to round all accounts. Our staff has 40+ years of experience and we strive to find the best policy for each client and each risk.

We have appointments with several preferred carriers enabling our staff to meet the client’s coverage and pricing needs. We understand the importance of pricing from both the client’s and the insurance company’s perspective. We know that the best-case scenario involves meeting both entities’ needs. We strive to write business that provides the necessary coverage for the client at a fair price that is also profitable for the insurance company.

Our underwriting philosophy includes a complete evaluation of each risk before determining the appropriate market and pricing. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service to each and every client. We want the client treated just as importantly whether they are calling for a quote or calling in a claim. As our motto states, we want limitless service provided to all our clients.

Our marketing strategy involves reaching out to each client to round their account and provide them will all lines of insurance. This contact is made whenever the client emails or calls our office. Referred business from current customers makes up the largest part of our new business. This referral business and our excellent retention ratio is a reflection of our client’s confidence in the job we do for them. We directly seek clients who need multiple lines of insurance and need the assistance of a broker to provide them with the most complete insurance package.